Saturday, October 26, 2013

Finally Fall

Top: h&m, Local store's trousers, Perfume: Kenzo Flower Mini, Eyeliner: Maybeline, Lipstick: Menard, Glasses: Korean Brand
 It's getting chilly here in China and it's finally feels like fall. It's the perfect time to play with layering. This is what i wore yesterday (sorry for the late post), i wear to layers of tank top, one in black and one in red and then cover it with my h&m sweater top. Pair them with a bright blue trouser. Yesterday i went to a nearby mall to do a little winter shopping, since it was so ma y sale there and ended up with buying h&m turtle neck orange sweater, i'll post the picture soon! At first i was just accompanying a friend of mine, she wanted to buy her friend a birthday present, but you know what happen when girls meet sale and discount and great clothes, i just couldn't resist. It's still nice i ended up with just a piece of sweater. You don't wanna know what usually happen to me and shopping and sale!

Today i went to the church! You guys probably wonder what a church in China looks like. So i took a photograph of it (actually i took it 2 weeks earlier but forgot to post it here, i post it on my Instagram though!). Here it is

Yep! It's in pink, cute huh? This is actually the only Catholic Church in town. So this is the only church i can go to and once again it's in pink!

JFW 2014 Day 4 (22nd October)

Japan Fashion Week

Japan fashion week - Motonari Ono

Dekranasda (Rumah Batik, Rumah Kebaya)


APPMI Mini Show(Agnes Budhisurya, Gregorius Vici, Hartono Gan)


APPMI Ready to Wear (Fomalhaut Zamel, Fuji Tjandra, Geraldus Sugeng, Ian Adrian, Misan, Oki Wong, Poppi Darsono)




Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's always hard to choose only one

I've been thinking to buy myself ankle boots, i never had one before! I did a little browse on Taobao, it's an online shopping store in China just like Kaskus in Indonesia, and i found these. And now i don't know which one to buy, what do you think guys? which ankle boots you love most? I'd like to know your thoughts on the comment below.