Saturday, October 26, 2013

Finally Fall

Top: h&m, Local store's trousers, Perfume: Kenzo Flower Mini, Eyeliner: Maybeline, Lipstick: Menard, Glasses: Korean Brand
 It's getting chilly here in China and it's finally feels like fall. It's the perfect time to play with layering. This is what i wore yesterday (sorry for the late post), i wear to layers of tank top, one in black and one in red and then cover it with my h&m sweater top. Pair them with a bright blue trouser. Yesterday i went to a nearby mall to do a little winter shopping, since it was so ma y sale there and ended up with buying h&m turtle neck orange sweater, i'll post the picture soon! At first i was just accompanying a friend of mine, she wanted to buy her friend a birthday present, but you know what happen when girls meet sale and discount and great clothes, i just couldn't resist. It's still nice i ended up with just a piece of sweater. You don't wanna know what usually happen to me and shopping and sale!

Today i went to the church! You guys probably wonder what a church in China looks like. So i took a photograph of it (actually i took it 2 weeks earlier but forgot to post it here, i post it on my Instagram though!). Here it is

Yep! It's in pink, cute huh? This is actually the only Catholic Church in town. So this is the only church i can go to and once again it's in pink!

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